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What's New (and Improved)! (Last updated 10/2/11)

Table of Contents
(The new and improved) Beatle News Briefs (Last updated 10/2/11)
Beatles Examiner
Paul McCartney Examiner
Vintage Rock 'n' Roll Examiner
TV on DVD Examiner
Beatles calendar of events (Last updated 1/24/09)
Beatles TV Alert (Last updated 3/6/08)
(The new and improved) Beatles books/CDs: some recommendations New additions: George's "I Me Mine," "Those Were the Days: An Unofficial History of The Beatles Apple Organization 1967-2002"; "Caveman" on DVD; Ringo's King Biscuit CD; Rolling Stone's 4"George Harrison" book, Elliot Huntley's George Harrison bio, Paul's "Wingpspan" DVD and video, George Martin boxed set, Hunter Davies' "The Quarrymen", "The Beatles' Story on Capitol Records, Part 2"
Beatles On Sale (Last updated 10/29/03)
The DVD review page ( Latest review: "Paul Is Live on the New World Tour") -->

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Welcome! I'm your host, Steve Marinucci. The purpose of this site is to compile an archive of in-depth and unique information and news on the Fab Four , plus additional information on The Byrds and The Beach Boys, and more generally, the music of the '50s and '60s. In the time this site has been online, we think we've done just that. I hope you enjoy your visit.

We are always looking for contributions of in-depth historical, statistical and analytical essays on the Beatles, Beach Boys, Byrds and the music of the '50s and '60s. In that regard, a very special thanks to the people who have kindly allowed us to post their work here. Also, thanks to everyone who has emailed us with comments and suggestions.

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